​Pet Nutrition NZ Limited Partnership is 100% owned by Calvin and Jo Smith.  Calvin has 12 years experience in the global pet food industry and more specifically the Freeze Dried category.   Calvin pioneered the Freeze Dried pet food category.  He is renowned globally for his expertise, reputation and integrity in the pet food industry.  Jo has been involved in the pet food industry as long as Calvin and in the last few years has become far more hands on within the business. 

Together, Calvin and Jo share a passion of providing the ultimate in pet nutrition for cats and dogs.  Being pet owners themselves, with 2 cats and 3 dogs, they share a like-minded Pet Parent's passion for nutrition.  They enjoy seeing pets thrive when they are fed the highest quality food.  The company follows the simple philosophy of improved pet health via better nutrition.  Calvin describes freeze drying as the ultimate means for preservation of nutrients and protein, “freeze drying is the most natural way of preserving food, especially proteins from meat and fish.” 

Pet Nutrition NZ Limited Partnership see the freeze dried pet food category changing fast, “it’s still an emerging niche of the market, but recent strong growth of over 40 per cent per annum has led many brands to look at extending their product offering into this category.”  Calvin and Jo grasped the opportunity to take quality New Zealand produce to pets of the world and Pet Nutrition NZ Limited Partnership was born, “with the increased focus on higher protein levels for pets it is only natural that freeze drying will continue to increase in popularity.”

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