Canned Food for Dogs and Cats

Pet Nutrition New Zealand has developed a super premium range of canned food for dogs and cats focusing on the company philosophy. 

We see no value in using vegetables, grains or rice in a canned range.  The range offers a diet of 93% meat or fish diet, complemented with:

Vitamins and minerals to ensure diets are complete and balanced.
Fish oil to boast Omega 3 levels.
Gelling agents to create the right consistency.

Food Flavours

Grass Fed Lamb, Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed Venison, New Zealand King Salmon, Wild Caught Fish, 

Barn Raised Chicken, Lamb Green Tripe (Dog only), Venison Green Tripe (Dog only)


We use only the best proteins sourced solely from New Zealand.

Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and Venison
Barn Raised Chicken
Sustainably Farmed New Zealand King Salmon
Sustainably Wild Caught White Fish

Freeze Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats

We can tailor make a range of freeze dried treats for dogs to meet the customer requirements for quality, nutritional value and price. 

The focus of the treat range is a range of single ingredient treats that are high in protein and/or Omega 3’s.



Super Foods

Pet Nutrition New Zealand sees freeze dried nuggets as a perfect medium for delivering the benefits of Super Foods.
New Zealand has an extensive range of powerful Superfoods.
Freeze drying locks in the nutritional benefit of foods without the use of heat, ensuring nutrients are maintained in their natural state.

Heat can often severally damage superfood benefits.  eg NZ Green Mussel benefits are very sensitive to heat.

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Pet Nutrition New Zealand’s philosophy is that cats and dogs require increased levels of protein and omega 3 for ultimate health.

Freeze Dried Food for Dogs

We can tailor make a range of freeze dried food for dogs to meet the customer requirements for quality, nutritional value and price - using only the best PROTEINS sourced solely from New Zealand.

A typical ingredient would be Meat, Heart, Liver, Vegetable, Binding Agent, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals.  A range of SUPERFOODS can be added to increase the nutrient profile.

All foods can be formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages