Managing Pathogens

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Pet Nutrition New Zealand can offer clients all of these methods.  We strongly believe the best way to manage Pathogens is to 
“Start with the CLEANEST product possible”.

The cleanest product comes from:

Free range red meats
Barn raised poultry
Sustainably farmed or wild caught fish


Since Freeze Drying typically doesn’t use heat in the process, it is vital that a Pathogen Management Program is in place to maintain food safety standards.  There are three main methods for Managing Pathogens:

Test and Hold:  Raw material and finished product is tested for a variety of defined pathogens.  The product is “held” at the factory until test results are received. 

Heat Pasturisation:  Uses heat to kill pathogens.  This is a widely recognised and reliable method for killing pathogens, however, it can reduce nutrient quality.  Marketers cannot claim product is RAW if Heat Pasturisation is used.

High Pressure Pasturisation (HPP):  Uses pressure to kill pathogens.  This process does maintain nutrient quality and the RAW marketing claim can be used.  For these reasons it is becoming the market standard in the USA.  HPP is a more manual process therefore production costs are higher.  Pet Nutrition New Zealand is currently the only provider of HPP treated pet food in New Zealand.