The Freeze Dried Pet Food Market
Fastest growth rate in the influential USA pet food industry.

Affordable Freeze Dried Feeding:  Premium Kibble and Freeze Dried Meal Mixer

A majority of the Pet Parents using freeze dried products use it as a meal mixer.  PNNZ sees this as the future for the freeze dried category as it is an affordable way to add a nutrient rich raw food to your daily feeding program.

What is Freeze Drying?

Extracting moisture without the use of heat to create a shelf stable product.
Create a vacuum to allow water to boil at temperatures below freezing.

Under the right atmospheric conditions H2O goes straight from ice to vapour, missing the liquid stage.  It is this property that allows freeze drying to occur.  It’s a natural form of drying.

Batch vs Continuous Drying

Why Freeze Dry?

Less damage to the product
Easier to rehydrate
Maintains flavour and smell
Maintain nutritional value 

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Pet Nutrition New Zealand primarily uses a Continuous Freeze Drying process.


Batch process is like an oven. 
It is labour intensive but flexible.
Most costly for large production runs.


Continuous production line.
Very efficient for large production runs.
¼ of the drying leads to much greater capacity.
Efficient energy usage, significantly reducing carbon footprint.