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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Need pet food supply?  

Are you a retailer looking for flexible finished product solutions?

Are you a manufacturer needing bulk supply of finished product?

•We are the one stop shop for freeze dried food, treats and dog roll (chubb).
•We pride ourselves on providing innovative product development.
•We deliver your product using the most efficient production techniques.

We have global pet industry knowledge and experience and can source the world's best proteins to create a pet food or treat product tailor made for your customers.  We provide the most nutritious and cost effective freeze dried and dog roll products in the world.  

We partner with the best New Zealand suppliers to provide the highest quality proteins to the pets of the world.  

Discuss your requirements with us and we can produce it for you.  We can take care of the whole supply chain, from raw material to shipped product in whatever form you choose at an affordable price.